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रेडियो भत्काइएकोमा चौतर्फी विरोध

आश्विन ७, २०७३- सामुदायिक रेडियो धादिङ र हिंसापीडित महिलाहरुको आश्रयस्थल ‘स्नेह हाउस’ भत्काइएकोमा सदरमुकाममा विरोध जनाइएको छ । शुक्रबार बिहान करिब ४ बजे जिल्ला वन कार्यालयले छापामार शैलीमा डोजर लगाई भवन, टहरा भत्काएको विरोधमा सञ्चारकर्मी, गैरसरकारी संस्थाका प्रतिनिधि, नागरिक समाजका अगुवा र विभिन्न पेशागत संघ संगठनहरुले विरोध जनाएका..

Dhading DFO detains NEA district chief for 3 hours

KESHAV ADHIKARY DHADING: The District Forest Officer in Dhading detained the Nepal Electricity Authority’s district head for three hours on Wednesday, accusing the latter of defying his order. Imanath Paudel had detained and manhandled Satya Narayan Gami after inviting Gami to his own office for some “clarification.” Earlier, four days ago, the DFO had written to the NEA Regional Office, Kathmandu, requesting the power authority to cut off the electricity supplied to the Radio Dhading as it reportedly constructed a building in the forest area. However, Ghami said he was unable to cut off the power just because being directed by the DFO. Likewise, disconnecting the power line without a valid reason was against rules of the NEA, he added. Meanwhile, civil servants working in the district also accused the Chief District Officer Bishwa Prakash Subedi also of..

Dhading man missing in Trishuli while extracting sand

KESHAV ADHIKARI DHADING: A man has gone missing after being swept away by the Trishuli River in Chiraundi, Baireni VDC-9 of Dhading district, on Sunday. The missing has been identified as Maila Tamang (40) of Baireni VDC-7 of the district. Tamang, a labourer, had been extracting sand from the flooded River when he was swept away. According to his relatives, the increased flow of the River had made it more difficult for them to search him. A similar incident had taken place in the same area a month ago when a labourer had drowned while extracting sand. Construction material traders use labourers instead of machinery to carry out such a risky task because they are less expensive. Labourers in the area often complain that their employers do not take responsibility of such incidents and the victims’ families are never compensated. On the other hand, recent regulations..

Risk-fraught road journey for Dhading locals

Dhanding, -Locals of five VDCs in northern Dhading have no option but to take up risky travel on a road swept away by a landslide triggered by incessant rainfall. Locals at Darkha VDC are having a difficult time as a mass of land has fallen from the Mauwa Cliff and swept the road away. Of the 46 VDCs in the district, Tipling, Sertung, Lapa, Reegaun and Jharlang VDCs are still inaccessible by road. Although small vehicles were plying on the main entry point in Darkha during winter, the entry point is closed to vehicles in the rainy season. Locals said they have been reduced to scampering on all fours to cross the 200-metre wide road after the landslide. Preeti Lama, A schoolteacher in Darkha,  said that the residents were having difficulty reaching the district headquarters Dhandingbensi. Lama informed that the landslides have still not abated. A month ago, a bulldozer was..

Post-mortem reports in Dhading ‘unscientific’

POST-MORTEM REPORTS ARE MADE THROUGH EXTERNAL OBSERVATION ONLY Dhading, Health facilities in Dhading that are authorised to prepare post-mortem reports have been found to be doing so unscientifically owing to lack of proper equipment and skilled manpower. The government had granted Dhading District Hospital, Gajuri Primary Health Centre and Salyantar Primary Health Centre the authority to carry out post-mortems in the district. However, all these health facilities have been preparing reports randomly for years due to lack of proper equipment and skilled manpower. “We don’t even have the blade to slice the body, let alone scissors, hammers, chisels, and rib cutters. At least one to two bodies are brought at the health facility for post-mortem every day. We don’t even have an icebox. Hence, we have no option but to prepare the report by observing the body externally,”..

Dhading man ‘murdered’ to rob him of Rs 50,000

  Dhading : A 75-year-old man was found murdered in Ainselukhraka of southern Dhading on Thursday. Harka Bahadur Tamang of Keranachok-4 was found dead at his house while his wife Thuli Maya Tamang (80) was found severely injured.   The suspected murder reportedly took place to rob Tamang of Rs 50,000 which he had returned home with. The money was the first instalment of the government grant provided for earthquake survivors. According to Gajuri Area Police, the injured was rushed to a hospital in Aadamghat, which is five hours walk from the village. Police are investigating into the case. They have launched a manhunt to nab the suspected..

25 households displaced by dry landslides in Dhading

KESHAV ADHIKARI DHADING: As many as 25 households have been displaced by dry landslides at Dharna of Darkha VDC-8 in northern region of Dhading district since Sunday. A total of 99 persons from 25 households of Darkha have been displaced by the landslides, District Natural Disaster Rescue Committee (DNDRC), Dhading informed. The DNDRC meeting held on Wednesday decided to take immediate steps to provide foods and shelters to the displaced families, said the DNDRC Coordinator and Chief District Officer Bishwa Prakash Subedi. Security personnel deployed from Darkha-based Area Police Office have shifted the displaced families to the safe place. The houses of Masta Bahadur Tamang, Man Bahadur Tamang, Gole Tamang, Kamisa Tamang and Dokyap Tamang are at high risk of being displaced by the landslides, said police. Meanwhile, the DNDRC has..

11 community schools merged in Dhading

Dhading, -As many as 11 community schools with negligible number of students have been merged with other schools in their proximity in Dhading. According to the District Education Office, Dhading, Shitala Devi Primary School located at Nilkantha – 7 has been merged with Raghu Lower Secondary School; Kalleri-based Handikhola Primary School has been merged with Kalleri-based Raktabachchhala Lower Secondary School; and Koshinchet Primary School has been merged with Marpak Pokhara Primary School. Similarly, Saptakanya Primary School of Budhathum -2 has been merged with Panchakanya Primary School; Aankhu Primary with Archane H S School; and Jana Kalika Primary School with Mahendroday Kalika Secondary School of Khalte. Little Star Primary School has been merged with Pashupati Secondary School at Nilkantha -12; Gyan Kunja Primary School of Aaginchowk -1 has been merged..

Top 10 Places to visit in Nepal

The landlocked country of Nepal has been aptly called a haven for nature enthusiasts as it has an awesomely varied topographical and geographical structure and beauty. Scenic landscapes, diverse populations, and mountains are what make this small country worth much more than its area. With the potential of becoming a tourist hub, Nepal’s tourism sector is expanding day to day and this brings us to the top places to visit in Nepal if you are visiting this beautiful country. Top Places to visit in Nepal 1. Annapurna Base Camp The Annapurna (8091m) is the 10th highest peak in the world and the journey to its base camp is filled with mind-boggling beauty and the chance to mix up with ethnic inhabitants living in the region. With a customizable itinerary, experience the chances to observe the mind reeling mountain scenery with rhododendron and juniper forests all along the..

school shut after witnessing mass hysteria symptoms

KESHAV ADHIKARI This photo shows empty classrooms of the Piplatar-based Mahakali Secondary School in Kumpur VDC of Dhading district, on Sunday, June 26, 2016. Photo: dhadingnews DHADING: A local school of Dhading district has been forced to shut indefinitely after dozens of students there started showing symptoms of mass hysteria one after another. A teacher of the Piplatar-based Mahakali Secondary School, Janak Acharya, said that students of Grade IV to X have recently started to scream, become restless and faint consequently. The school has been shut since Friday after it witnessed increasing number of students with the similar symptoms. The number was limited to just two to three at first, but lately around 15-20 students started fainting on a regular basis, the teacher said. The doctors they consulted said they had not been able to identify the..

Chepangs in rural Dhaing face acute food shortage

KESHAV ADHIKARI   Two members of a Chepang community in Brusbang of Dhading prepare wild yams to cook, in May 2016. They are currently living under an acute food shortage. BRUSBANG, DHADING: Sanumaya Chepang of Brusbang village of Dhading district is worried what to feed her aging parents and three little children. Like her, members of tribal Chepang community in her village, which is two hour drive from the highway commercial hub of Malekhu, are reeling under an acute shortage of foods for last two months.   They are living on different types of wild yams and nettle leaves. Now, the Chepangs are worried that even the yams and nettle leaves are falling short to appease their appetite. “Since mid-April, we have been living on just wild yams and nettle leaves,” Dilmaya Chepang says, “Now, we are so tired that we even cannot go to..

Nepali woman stranded in Prague for a week

KATHMANDU: A Nepali woman has been left high and dry in Prague of the Czech Republic for seven days after she was robbed of her belongings including passport and money, and is waiting for travel document to reach her from the Nepali Embassy in neighbouring Germany. Writing a status on Facebook, Nivida Lamichhane, who hails from Kathmandu, has expressed her frustration over the red tape at the Nepali mission that, according to her, expressed its inability to issue the travel document based on her email as documents that she sent via post last week has not reached there yet.THT..

Road mishap claims life of school principal in Dhading

KESHAV ADHIKARI DHADING: A school principal was killed on the spot after the motorcycle he was riding on was hit by a truck in Baireni, Dhading district on Tuesday. Police said the deceased has been identified as Hom Narayan Shrestha of Amar Adarsha Secondary School in Salang VDC in the district. Shrestha, who was returning to his village after treatment of ailing kidneys in Kathmandu, met with the accident. The two-wheeler (Na 11 Pa 3371) was hit by the truck (Na 5 Kha 1172) from behind at Khostekhola Bridge in Baireni VDC-8. Police said they have impounded the truck and kept it at Area Police Office in Gajuri. However, the driver is at large after the incident, added..

Cooking gas bottling plant sealed for black marketing

KESHAV ADHIKARI DHADING: A high-level monitoring team led by the Minister for Supplies on Wednesday sealed the Siddhartha Gas Udyog Private Limited after finding the bottling company involved in black marketing. Minister Ganesh Man Pun today had led a delegation comprising high officials of concerned departments to Dhading-based gas bottling plants.   During the monitoring, the team had found as many as 806 expired cooking gas cylinders being sent to the market. The expired cylinders are apparently dangerous to use from the safety point of view.  Siddhartha Gas Udyog in Dhading,  Photo: Keshav AdhikariMinister for Supplies Ganesh Man Pun during a monitoring at a gas bottling plant in Dhading, on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. Photo: Keshav Adhikari Likewise, some samples of the cylinders were found containing mud to increase the weight, according to..

Date-expired food sent for earthquake victims

Date-expired food items stored at the District Administration Office, Dhading, on Saturday. Photo: Netrawati Dhading, February 20 Date expired food items were found among the relief materials sent for the earthquake victims of Dhading by the District Disaster Rescue Committee, Lalitpur. The relief materials, including food items, were brought from the Dakchhinkali Battalion of the Armed Police Force Dakchhinkali Battalion. The relief materials were collected from various national and international organisations for the earthquake victims. A team led by APF sub-inspector Min Bahadur Nepali had brought the relief materials in two different vehicles. Hariram Neupane, a staffer at the Dhading DAO, said that as many as 14 items were sent to the quake victims. “Of them, all the food items were found date expired,” he informed. He said biscuits, mixed food items, baby..



गल्छीबाट हेटौंडा जोड्ने छोटो सडकको खोजि

केशव अधिकारी  धादिङ- नुवाकोट र रसुवा जिल्लाबाट बागमती प्रदेश राजधानी हेटौंडा जोड्ने छोटो दुरीको सडक निर्माणका लागि प्रारम्भिक सर्वेक्षण गरिएको छ । वैकल्पिक राजमार्गको रुपमा समेत ल्याउन सकिनेगरी पहिचान.....

शुक्रवार देखि धादिङबेसीमा सातौँ धादिङ महोत्सव शुरु

धादिङ, -शुक्रवार देखि धादिङको सदरमुकाम धादिङबेसीमा सातौँ धादिङ महोत्सव शुरु भएको छ । शुक्रवार देखि.....

चाम्बासमा दुर्घटना, नायिका महिमा सिलवालको मृत्यु

धादिङ- बुधबार साँझ धादिङको गजुरी गाउँपालिका वडा नम्बर २ चाम्बास स्थित पृथ्वीराजमार्गमा भएको दुर्घटनामा परि .....

शुक्रवार देखि धादिङबेसीमा सातौं धादिङ महोत्सव

धादिङबेसी- सातौं धादिङ महोत्सव फागुन २ गते शुक्रवार देखि धादिङबेसीमा शुरु हुंदैछ । धादिङ उद्योग वाणिज्य संघको.....

रुबीभ्याली र गंगाजमुना सन २०२२ भित्र सफा गाउँ हुने

धादिङ- धादिङको उत्तरी भेगमा पर्ने रुबीभ्याली गाउँपालिकाले सन २०२१ भित्र र गंगाजमुना गाउँपालिकाले सन् २०२२.....