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Teachers beaten up‚ school vandalised

Keshav Adhikari DHADING: A group of people under the influence of alcohol today vandalised the administrative department of Harkapur Secondary School at Benighat VDC-3, Dhading, and manhandled teachers. The intoxicated people had thrashed head teacher Pahalman Shrestha, teacher Sharmila Tripathi and parent Krishna Narayan Shrestha and vandalised the administration department. Head teacher Shrestha said the group had entered the school for a discussion, but thrashed the teachers and vandalised the office. A school source said that people pretending to be parents had gone on a rampage after as many as 16 students were not allowed to appear in this year’s SLC examination for the school’s failure to receive permission to add a class. To be eligible to appear for this year’s SLC examination, registration forms should have been filled out almost 19 months ago. But the..

Dhading child rescued from New Delhi

  Keshav Adhikari Social Welfare Officer Shrawan Pandey from the New Delhi-based Child Welfare Council was in Dhading to hand over the child to his mother Binda Pariyar at Dhading District Police Office, today. KESHAV ADHIKARI Indian officials rescued five children from Dailekh‚ Sarlahi‚ Banke and Dhading‚ recently.   DHADING: A 14-year-old boy from Dhading, who was found stranded in India, has been rescued by Indian officials. Prakash Pariyar from Syaltar, Kalleri-2 of Dhading was handed over to his family in Dhading on Thursday. Social Welfare Officer Shrawan Pandey from the New Delhi-based Child Welfare Council was in Dhading to hand over the child to his mother Binda Pariyar at Dhading District Police Office, today. The child was taken to the Indian capital by some acquaintances 14 months ago to work at an eatery, the..

Four family members burnt to death in Dhading fire

DHADING, Nepal – Four members of a family have died in a fire that started at around 12:45 am in Charaundi of Dhusa-1 of the district on Monday. The fire started due to a short-circuit. The victims were asleep when the fire broke out at the house belonging to local politician Kishor Chandra Thapaliya. On Saturday, he had hosted the wedding of his younger brother Pawan Thapaliya at the house. The fire broke out the next day, after the wedding reception had concluded, and the Thapaliya family members had gone to sleep. Thapaliya’s daughter and son-in-law had stayed behind after the other guests had left. Along with Kishor Chandra Thapaliya, his daughter Yojna Thapaliya GC, son-in-law Anil GC and granddaughter Rosette GC perished in the blaze. “We could not get the people in the house outside. That is why we had this tragedy,” said Milan Silwal, a local. All of the..

COOKING GAS SHORTAGE: Dhading LPG plants monitored

   A District Market Monitoring Team inspecting an LPG bottling plant in Dhading on Saturday, after complaints that gas industries were creating artificial shortage in the market. KESHAV ADHIKARI   DHADING: In the wake of shortage of Liquefied Petroleum Gas across the country, authorities in Dhading have intensified monitoring of LPG refilling plants along the highway. Acting on complaints that the shortage was artificially created by entrepreneurs, the District Market Monitoring Committee inspected five LPG plants from Gajuri to Majhitar along the highway today. Gita Gas Industry in Gajuri, Shree Krishna Gas Industry in Benighat, Tara Gas Industry in Dhusha and Tribeni Gas Industry in Jogimara were monitored today. Assistant Chief District Officer Nandalal Sharma, who is also the coordinator of District Market Monitoring..

Students are carrying Bamboo Sticks and Tubes instead of their books

Shiva Silwal Dhading-As we know that Nepal is a developing country. Most of the districts and VDC are under the development of simple things also. In this Twenty first century also students are not able to go to school. Students are interested to read at school but they are not able due to various types of problems. Here is one video where many more problems are faced by local students of Dhading and Chitwan students. We can see here in video students are carrying Bamboo sticks and Tube instead of carrying Bags with full of books. To carry Bamboo sticks and tube of vehicles is not children interest. Its their problem. In this case government must be conscious. In the absence of bridge in river they are struggling in such a way. Students about 10 to 15 cant swim properly also in case of their accidents. They must be accompanied by an adult for tubing on the river age limits may..

Tribal Chepangs earn woes from superstitions

Visually impaired Seti Chepang (70) sitting with her husband Nara Bahadur Chepang in Syamidanda of Dhading district on Monday‚ December 29‚ 2014. KESHAV ADHIKARI DHADING: Seti Chepang (70) has been visually impaired for last eleven years. She believes she had been cursed by her deities. People of Chepang communities in Dhading district are living a difficult life. A notable portion of the difficulty is credited to superstitions they hold. When asked why she did not visit a doctor when she had problem in her eyes, Seti says, "I was cursed. Even shamans couldn't deal with it." Further, the woman finds it hard to live as she is helpless in the old age. "Our son and daughter-in-law are on their own. I have been looking after her since the incident," Nara Bahadur Chepang, her husband, said. Chepang community still believes in shamans and witch doctors than modern medical..

NID employee murdered in Nuwakot

DHADING: At a time when different organistaions are organising various programmes to end violence against women across the country, a female official at the National Investigation Department (NID) has been found dead at Chapkot, Sunkhani-2 along the Chahare-Tokha road section of Nuwakot on Tuesday. According to Inspector Pradhumna Adhikari of the District Police Office, Nuwakot, the deceased has been identified as Rita Gurung (23) of Thalachung-9 of Gorkha. Gurung was stationed at Maharajgunj area of the Capital. Police informed that they have nabbed Ajay Dhakal (25) of Ganeshthan-4, Nuwakot for his alleged involvement in the murder. Preliminary investigation revealed that Gurung was strangled to death. Police recovered the body at around 6pm yesterday. According to locals, they had seen Dhakal and Gurung together heading towards the Chanpe forest on a bike (Ba 64..

pm koirala urges democratic lawyers to unite

Kathmandu,-Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has emphasized that as all parties have accepted democracy there should be no doubt over the promulgation of the new constitution. Addresing the 24th founding day of Democratic Lawyers Association here on Friday, he said all the parties follow democratic principles and hence the time has come for the opposition parties too to think about promulgating a democratic constitution. He also suggested all the democratic legal practitioners to become united, while giving assurances from his side to work for bringing the two factions together. On the occasion, the Prime Minister said he wished to leave the chair of the Prime Minister by promulgating the new constitution as soon as possible. Minister for Law, Justice, Constituent Assembly and Parliamentary Affairs Narahari Acharya said political commitments are more important for the..

10 Dhading villages in dark for 3 weeks

   KESHAV ADHIKARI Drinking water has been scarce and mills could not operate in lack of power.   SALYANTAR, DHADING: At least 10 VDCs in Dhading district have been deprived of electricity line for last three weeks. Delay in repairing a damaged transmitter has caused the people of the villages to stay in dark since October 13. Salyantar-based sub-branch of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) failed to distribute lines to the villages after a 200-kilowatt transmitter exploded. Villages including Salyantar, Budhathum, Mulpani, Salyankot, Tripureshwor, Chainpur, Khari, Jyamarung and Phulkharka of Dhanding along with Aaruchanaute, Arkhet of neighbouring district Gorkha are in dark. In addition, drinking water has been scarce and mills could not operate in lack of power, said Rishi Burlakoti, a local. "We have been informed the NEA to provide a new..

Gunmen kill at least 30 in new C. Africa attacks: UN

BANGUI, Central African Republic, Oct 23, 2014  - Gunmen have killed at least 30 people in fresh attacks this week in the strife-torn Central African Republic, UN peacekeepers said on Thursday. Several dozen people were also wounded in the attacks on the central village of Yamale on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the gunmen pillaging and burning down houses, UN force MINUSCA said.  It warned that the death toll could rise, as the gunmen were reported to also have attacked neighbouring villages. News of the attacks prompted hundreds of people to seek shelter in refugee camps in the nearby town of Bambari, the MINUSCA statement said. The impoverished nation has seen a spike of unrest pitting Christians against Muslims in recent weeks, after months of relative calm. The violence has left a MINUSCA soldier dead and has seen international troops kill at least six militiamen. The..

Lightning injures 3 in Dhading

  KESHAV ADHIKARI   DHADING: Three persons were injured after being struck by lightning in Jyamarung-5 of the district on Tuesday. According to the District Police Office, Dhading, Tilak Prasad Shrestha, Sita Shrestha and Ram Maya Shrestha was injured when lightning struck them at around 10 am today. Police said that they were rushed to a local health post in the district for treatment. The health post source said that all the injured are out of danger. Police said that they are looking into the..

100 million people saved from hunger over last decade: UN

ROME, Sept. 16:(AFP) - The number of hungry people in the world has dropped by 100 million over the last 10 years but one in nine are still undernourished, with Asia home to the majority of the underfed, the UN said on Tuesday. The UN's food agencies said the global number was down over 200 million since the early 1990s, but warned that despite the progress made, "about 805 million people in the world, or one in nine, suffer from hunger." But the battle to reduce hunger is being made more difficult not only by conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, but also by the Ebola crisis. The Millennium Development Goal of halving the proportion of undernourished people by 2015 is within reach "if appropriate and immediate efforts are stepped up," the Food and Agriculture Organization, International Fund for Agricultural Development and World Food Programme said in a yearly report. To date,..

Dhading rural roads in sorry state

  DHADING: Floods and landslides have left most of the rural roads in Dhading in a sorry state. Arjun Gorkhali, Chairman of Dhading Transport Entrepreneurs’ Union, complained that the dilapidated condition of roads that connect the district headquarters with the northern VDCs was giving commuters and vehicles a difficult time. Transport workers complained that lack of timely repair and maintenance had adversely affected vehicular movement. Locals say that millions of rupees is spent every year to repair, reconstruct and upgrade the roads, but to no avail. People lamented that the roads develop cracks and holes due to use of sub-standard materials. Consumers’ Welfare Protection Forum Dhading Chairman Bed Bahadur Khand said that millions of rupees was poured in every year to mend the Dhadingbesi-Salyantar and Dhadingbeshi-Sangkosh roads, they still posed..

15 injured as jam-packed bus overturns in Dhading

  KESHAV ADHIKARI "The driver had frequently requested all the passengers to get off the bus to reduce the load."   DHADING: As many as 15 passengers were hurt when a jam-packed bus overturned at Baghkhola of Khari VDC in the district on Sunday morning. Police said four of the injured are in a critical condition. The bus was heading to the district headquarters DhadingBeshi from Khari VDC when it met with the accident at around 9:30 am. Most of the injured have are women and children. The seriously injured have been recognised as Srijana Shrestha from Chainpur, Parwati Simkhada from Maidi-6, Mandira Koirala from SunaulaBazar and Sita Basnet from Gajuri-2. They are undergoing treatment at the District Hospital in DhadingBeshi. According to Basnet, the bus was carrying around 50 passengers and the road of Baghkhola was dilapidated due to a recent..

Majority of Chepang kids found underweight

  DHADING: Almost all the children of Chepang community in Mahabharat in Dhading are victims of malnutrition in the wake of acute food crisis. For nine months every year people from the Chepang community reel under acute shortage of food. The crops they grow hardly lasts three months, hence they are forced to survive on wild roots. Nearly 18,000 Chepang people live on the southern part of the district and 90 per cent of them are landless. Those 10 per cent from the community who are said to be comparatively well off also reel under food crisis as what they produce hardly lasts six months. Tilak Chepang of Nepal Chepang Association said that food grains they produce can only sustain them for six months. “Steep land, high hills, lack of irrigation are some of the reasons we cannot produce enough food for ourselves,” he said. “And there has been rapid growth..



स्कुटर चोरेर बिक्री गर्ने चार जना धादिङबाट पक्राउ

धादिङ,२९ कात्तिक । स्कुटर चोरी  गरि बिक्री गर्ने कार्यमा संलग्न रहेका चार जना लाई धादिङ प्रहरीले पक्राउ गरि सार्वजनिक गरेको छ । स्कुटर चोरी गर्ने तथा चोरीका स्कुटर किन्ने कार्यमा संलग्न रहेको अभियोगमा.....

Vacancy Announcement

Published Date:  25 Kartik  2076 Dhading Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Mott MacDonald  has been  implementing a DFID-funded Post-earthquake recovery project (Purnima) in Dhading Districts. The program aims to create long-term positive change in the lives of people in.....

बुद्धिमान तामाङलाई राप्रपाको कार्यवाहक अध्यक्षको जिम्मेवारी

काठमाण्डौं -वरिष्ठ उपाध्यक्ष बुद्धिमान तामाङलाई कार्यवाहक अध्यक्षको जिम्मेवारी दिएर राष्ट्रिय प्रजातन्त्र.....

बूढीगण्डकी आयोजनाले बाँड्यो २७ अर्ब ८० करोड मुआब्जा

धादिङ-बूढीगण्डकी जलविद्युत् आयोजनाले डुबान क्षेत्रमा पर्ने बासिन्दालाई रु २७ अर्ब ८० करोड मुआब्जा वितरण.....

रणबहादुर शाही सहित तीन जना कारागार चलान

धादिङ–विभिन्न अभियोगमा अदालतले सजायँका लागि फैसला गरेपनि फरार रहँदै आएका प्रतिवादी पक्राउ अभियानलाई जिल्ला.....